Avondale Partners Worldwide LLC  is a  private  investment  firm  founded  by  experienced entrepreneurs and business executives.  We seek to acquire companies in a wide range of industries as well as cash flow producing real estate assets and royalty interests. 
We  employ  a  streamlined  due  diligence  process  and  are able  to quickly  understand  your business and come to a valuation and investment decision.  Typically an offer can be made within 30 days.  This expedited process avoids many of the pitfalls and delays that business owners or managers typically encounter when considering a sale. 
Attractive investment opportunities include:
  • Manufacturing, distribution, business service and consulting companies - often  with significant owner / operator involvement
  • Distressed, wrap-up or liquidation situations
  • Divestiture/spin-out of currently internal business processes or functions
  • Corporations seeking to divest of under performing assets, product / service lines or business units
  • Natural resource assets & royalty interests
  • Cash flow producing real estate
To have an investment opportunity considered, please email to contact@ap-ww.com.  Broker inquiries welcome.